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California construction worker killed on the job

Construction is one of the United States’ most dangerous professions, constantly putting people in harm’s way around heavy equipment in unusual environments. It is rare that a construction worker dies on the worksite or due to worksite conditions, but when it happens, families are faced with an unbelievable loss.

The family of a construction worker subcontracting with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is mourning after his death on the job on the 605 Freeway in Pico Rivera. The 33-year-old man was struck by a tractor-trailer while he collected traffic cones on the shoulder of the southbound side of the highway.

The driver of the truck told the California Highway Patrol that he swerved onto the shoulder to avoid another vehicle entering his lane. “He believed he had enough room to make it by the other vehicle on the shoulder but he didn’t,” a California Highway Patrol captain said of the driver.

The worker was well-loved by six siblings and a recent wife. His family said he understood the dangers of his job but had a personality dedicated to helping people. His mother was forced to handle the funeral arrangements, something no parent expects to do.

Families of construction workers killed on the job have the right to sue the parties responsible for fatal injuries and the environments in which they happen. Lawsuits and settlements can help families recover after a tragedy that forever changes lives.

An attorney can help represent the interests of workers and their families. Legal representation may increase the chances that a suit will be successful for the people who need it.