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Pedestrian killed in Shasta Lake parking accident

Californians always know to be careful on the roads. This generally applies to drivers, but pedestrians may also be at risk. Anyone near cars and trucks should keep an eye out for their own safety.

A woman was killed in an accident in northern California’s Shasta County recently after she was struck by a motor vehicle in a bank parking lot. Deputies with the county sheriff’s department say she died at a Redding hospital after transportation from the scene of the accident.

The deputies responded to a late morning call about a car striking the bank building and discovered the woman as she was still fighting for life. A 58-year-old local driver was apparently trying to park in a parking space when she accidentally hit the gas pedal.

The car hit the bank building, causing structural damage as well as the fatal injury. Investigators with the sheriff’s office and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident, and the driver cooperated with law enforcement authorities after the incident.

Deputies are still seeking any eyewitnesses to the event, which may result in a wrongful death suit against the driver if the family or other survivors of the victim wish to claim damages. A lawsuit in civil court is often a way to help recover from the unexpected death of a relative or loved one in an accident.

Damages may reimburse people for the financial costs of a sudden death as well as offer valuable compensation. Money can never take the place of a family member but it can help families move on. An attorney can help advise on wrongful death lawsuits.

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