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California drivers must be on the lookout for motorcyclists

The California road system is quite a remarkable creation, from small, neighborhood streets to interstate highways. And what do they all have in common, despite their differing sizes and speed limits? They get a variety of motorized and nonmotorized vehicles from one place to another every day.

The average American drives 13,476 miles per year, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). That’s a lot of checking mirrors, looking ahead and anticipating the moves other drivers will make.

Sometimes, drivers miss seeing what they should see on the road, especially motorcycles. But there are things drivers of both motorcycles and other vehicles should do to be courteous of each other – and stay safe.

What should drivers do to watch for motorcycles?

  1. Be on the lookout for motorcycles, especially on these nice, warm summer days. Remain aware that they could be in your blind spot, so take extra care when changing lanes or making a turn.
  2. When you do see a motorcycle, anticipate what the driver will do.
  3. Always use your turn signal. Even if you don’t think anyone is behind you, remember that motorcyclists could be in your blind spot. Give the motorcyclists as much warning as you can by signaling.
  4. Allow adequate space for a motorcycle. Don’t follow to closely.
  5. Take great care when turning left. Many accidents happen when drivers turn left into the path of a motorcycle they haven’t noticed.

Motorcyclists, of course, have responsibility as well when it comes to safety, such as trying to stay out of a driver’s blind spot and making sure a large vehicle does not block them from being seen by other drivers.

But even when they do everything right, life-changing accidents can occur. If your life has been negatively impacted by the actions of another driver, it is your right to seek legal advice to discuss any options you might have.