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Hayward striving to make streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians

The City of Hayward is continuing work on its Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The goal is to build upon the 2007 Bicycle Master Plan to find ways to improve the convenience and safety for walkers and bikers.

The update will occur in three phases, and the first phase is winding up.

From May through July of this year, the city took input from residents, businesses and other community members about the barriers to walking and biking and what the city can do to make improvements.

In the next phase, which runs through December, city leaders will review the information received and draft recommendations for new initiatives for community review.

From January through July of 2019, a final plan will be released to the public for review, then presented to the City Council for adoption.

Under the master plan, Hayward residents have seen the addition of more than 80 miles of bikeways – 40 miles of on-street bike lanes, 34 miles of shared-lane bike routes and seven miles of multi-use trails – along with improvements to street lighting, sidewalks and curb ramps for the disabled.

With this update, Hayward officials can continue to focus on planning and designing bike and pedestrian pathways. This will position the city to compete for grants funded by state and local entities.

Hayward clearly has made strides in improving ways cyclists ad pedestrians move about the city, and the efforts are to be commended. Still, no jurisdiction will ever be 100 percent safe for those traveling on foot or on bike. Accidents with cars will continue to happen, caused perhaps by distracted or drunk drivers.

Should you find yourself injured in an accident as a pedestrian or cyclist, learn about your right to seek compensation from the liable parties.