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Gather necessary information after a California truck accident

It’s hard to imagine anything more frightening on the road that looking in the rearview mirror and seeing a big rig barreling toward you. Or going through an intersection, with a green light, only to find a truck driver didn’t obey a red light. In both instances, you do your best to take evasive action.

But accidents with tractor-trailers happen in California and across the United States – far too often. In 2016, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 4,440 crashes of large trucks and buses that involved a fatality occurred.

For those who survive crashes with large trucks, injuries can be substantial and medical bills can be enormous. Once you feel well enough, you’ll want to team with an attorney who works with personal injury cases to help you gain the compensation you deserve to repay your medical expenses, at a minimum.

To make your consultation with the attorney as productive and efficient as possible, be prepared. Enlist the aid of a family member or a friend to help you gather the information you’ll need when you meet with an attorney. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Information about the trucking company and driver. Do you have the driver’s name? The license plate number? Have you done any background research about the trucking company, such as its safety record?
  2. Details about the accident. What were the road conditions? Were there any witnesses? Any television news footage? Any videos from area security cameras? What were the road conditions? Did an ambulance come to the crash site? If a police report was filed, make sure you have a copy. A lot of the information will be included.
  3. Medical records. What was your treatment? Were you admitted to the hospital? What was your diagnosis? What further treatment will you need?
  4. Information about your car and personal information. What were the damages to your property? What shape was your car in before the accident – was it brand new or a lovable wreck? Do you have photos of any damage? Also, have you missed time from work? How much pay do you estimate you have missed?

An accident can change your life, especially when your injuries are severe. An experienced attorney can provide you with the information you need on your legal options for seeking compensation.