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Motorcycle accidents: Safety gear prevents catastrophic injuries

Most motorists in California are aware of how dangerous motor vehicle collisions can be. Knowing those dangers does not stop some motorcyclists from taking to the streets without proper safety and riding gear. Because motorcyclists have considerably less protection on the roads than do drivers of cars and trucks, they are less likely to walk away from their motor vehicle collisions without serious injury.

What some bikers fail to realize is they never know when that next ride could be their last. Even if an accident does not take them completely out of commission, there is still the possibility of broken and fractured bones, severe lacerations, disfigurement and other critical ailments that could cut their lives short. There is no way to eliminate the hazards that bikers and their passengers face entirely. However, the following pointers on motorcycle gear can help reduce the likelihood of serious and life-altering injuries and death.

Wear helmets

The helmet is arguably one of the safest apparatuses bikers can wear to protect themselves. Some people do not wear them due to aesthetics, comfort and preference. Helmets help shield the head from impact with the road and other vehicles. Full-face helmets provide additional protection for the face.

Wear gloves

Hands are also in danger of severe trauma when riders fall from their bikes. Not all motorcycle gloves are the same. Some have less padding than others, making them less efficient at protection. Riders and their passengers should wear gloves that have sufficient padding and palm sliders to mitigate the chances of breaking or fracturing the bones in their fingers, hands and wrists and to prevent lacerations.

Riding a motorcycle can be fun and exciting, but it is also hazardous. Even minor falls can cause serious injuries such as road abrasions. Severe road rash can cause nerve and muscle damage, disfigurement and many other kinds of trauma that require extensive, long-term and expensive medical care.