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Seek help when injured on a California construction site

The risks of injuries to employees on a California job site are both seen and unseen. Either way, they are dangerous.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5,190 workers were killed on the job in 2016. A good chunk of them occur in the construction industry.

Here are some common injuries on construction sites:

Falls: Construction workers face a risk of falls from scaffolding, roofs, ladders, cranes and other heights.

Falling objects: Construction workers can be hit from items falling from above, such as tools being used by a fellow worker or construction materials that fall. Even with proper safety equipment, such as hardhats, the risk of brain and spinal injuries is great.

Equipment accidents: Heavy machinery can fail to work properly or misfire.

Backed over by or crushed between vehicles: Workers can be run over large trucks as they back out of construction sites or get struck between vehicles.

Fires and explosions: Construction sites often have hazardous items, such as flammable chemicals, that can cause deaths or serious injuries.

Collapse of trench or building: Trenches being built or buildings being demolished can unexpectedly collapse with people inside.

Repetitive motion injuries, heat stroke or overexertion injuries: Muscle and joint damage can occur if they are overused; heat stress and frostbite also can lead to serious injuries.

High lead levels: Construction workers frequently are exposed to lead.

Respiratory diseases: Pneumoconiosis is chronic dust disease of the lung that occurs at work sites.

This is just a brief look at a few of the hazards that exist on the job site, and they can lead to devastating injuries or even death. If you have been injured at work, or if your loved one has been killed tragically, a personal injury attorney can offer advice to help you get back on your feet.