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Stay aware on your motorcycle on California roads

There’s nothing better than riding a motorcycle on a lovely fall day in California. Safety gear is essential, and bright colors on your helmet help drivers see you. Before you hit the road, be sure that your bike is in tip-top shape and that you’ve got all of your essential accessories.

Before you leave, take a look at this list of common causes of motorcycle accidents. Some of them can be avoided. The list is a great reminder of what you’re facing on the road when you pull your motorcycle out of the garage.

A car makes a left turn in front of you. Whether because they aren’t paying close attention or because they misjudge the speed of motorcycles, drivers making left turns frequently cause accidents. Motorcyclists must stay aware and look for indications that the driver will turn left. Slow down, cover your brakes and get ready to avoid a collision.

A car moves into your lane. Drivers might not see your motorcycle in their blind spot, and remember that drivers often overlook motorcycles since their minds aren’t conditioned to see them. If you perceive you are in a driver’s blind spot, get out of it as fast you can. Look for indicators that a driver is about to change lanes, such as hitting the turn signals or a checking the car’s mirrors. Take action to avoid a collision.

Your motorcycle is rear-ended. When a car hits another car, it can result in a fender bender. When it’s a car vs. motorcycle accident, it can be deadly. When you’re at a stop light, pull to the side of a lane rather than in the center, and frequently activate your brake light to alert cars behind you that you are present. Keep the bike in gear and look in your mirrors to see what is behind you. Be ready to move your bike in case you see a car about to ram into your motorcycle.

If you find yourself injured in an accident with a car, the driver can be held responsible. A California attorney experienced in such cases can explain your options for future actions.