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Study reveals likelihood of truck drivers and crashes

A study by a California-based company that uses video recorders to track the actions of truck drivers has provided eye-opening information about how companies can predict which drivers are more likely to have an accident.

The company analyzed the data collected by 116,000 recorders to determine its findings about the potential for accidents. Which truck drivers are more likely to have an accident?

  1. Those who have been in an accident before
  2. Those with a blank stare
  3. Those who drive while drowsy
  4. Those who aren’t wearing a seat belt
  5. Those who exhibit delayed or late response
  6. Those who merge in too tight without giving themselves a way to get out of a jam
  7. Those who have a near-collision that could have been avoided
  8. Those who have a near-collision that couldn’t have been avoided
  9. Those who drive aggressively
  10. Those who fall asleep behind the wheel

The behavior most likely found among the drivers was not wearing a seatbelt. A company research analyst had this to say: “Drivers who are willing to take a risk with their personal safety may also be likely to take risks with vehicle safety.”

The study had a few other revelations:

  • Drivers who violate rules of the road, such as running a red light or a stop sign, are more likely to do so on a Thursday.
  • Driving while drowsy is more common on Tuesdays, and the researcher speculated that’s because drivers stayed up too late to watch “Monday Night Football.” The trend is greater during football season, especially among drivers on the East Coast, where the game often doesn’t end until close to midnight.
  • Distracted driving, cellphone usage and near-collisions happen most frequently on Friday as the work week is coming to an end. Risky behaviors peak on Fridays.
  • The Wednesday morning period from 2 to 4 a.m. is the most likely for accidents. Overnights from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. are the peak hours for all crashes.

This study provides good information for drivers who share the road with large trucks. Truck drivers must take care at all times to avoid truck accidents, but it helps drivers to know when they must be at their most alert. If you have an unfortunate run-in with a truck and are injured, a California attorney could be of assistance.