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5 reasons for ladder falls

For a construction worker, one of the greatest threats on the job is a ladder fall. It can happen quickly and in seemingly safe conditions. However, there is often an underlying issue that caused the fall to happen and perhaps could have been avoided.

Here are five of the top reasons for these accidents:

  1. The ladder was set up at the wrong angle.
  2. The ladder that was chosen for the job was the wrong one to use.
  3. The ladder was not inspected properly before use.
  4. The workers did not have access to all of the safety information they needed or to the proper tools and safety equipment.
  5. The ladder was used improperly.

These are somewhat general categories, which can encompass many different specific accidents. Multiple issues can be present at the same time.

For instance, choosing the wrong ladder for the job could mean using a ladder that is too short. In order to complete the task, the worker may end up climbing too high on the ladder, which is an improper use. They may also set the ladder up at the wrong angle to make it taller than it would be otherwise.

As you can see, all of these factors can be related, and they can create a very dangerous situation. That’s why falls in general — and ladder falls specifically — lead to so many serious accidents and injuries every year. Those who get hurt on the job need to know all of the legal rights they have to workers’ compensation and to take legal action against their employer.