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7 crucial motorcycle safety tips

A motorcycle crash can happen in a split second, but the ramifications can change the course of your entire life. In order to stay safe, motorcyclists need to know what steps they can take to prevent these accidents.

It’s important, of course, to wear a helmet and other protective gear in case you do get in a wreck, but it’s even better to stop the collision from occurring in the first place. Here are seven safety tips that can help:

  1. Put reflective tape on your bike or your clothes to help you stand out at night.
  2. Wear bright colors so that you do not blend into the road during the day. High-visibility colors like neon green or yellow work best.
  3. Avoid blind spots. Remember that motorcycles are small enough to easily go overlooked.
  4. Always keep your headlight on, even during the day, as it makes you more visible and reduces the odds of a crash.
  5. Become a defensive driver. Look for possible dangers ahead of your bike and stay wary. Be conscious that others will make mistakes and prepare to react to them.
  6. Do not ride when you are tired. It slows down your reaction times so that you can’t brake or swerve as quickly.
  7. Do not ride if you have been drinking. Alcohol and motorcycles should never mix.

These tips can absolutely help you stay safe and healthy all year around in California, but there are still risks. Even safe bikers get hurt when other drivers make mistakes. If you end up in the hospital with serious injuries, make sure you know what options you have to seek financial compensation.