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Creating a buffer zone on a motorcycle

There are millions of licensed motorcycle riders in California who enjoy riding throughout the year. The weather in California allows for this, which also means that there are more accidents involving motorcycles than in most other states. Here are some tips for creating a buffer zone when you are on your motorcycle.

Creating a buffer zone is a necessary skill to learn if you own a motorcycle. It is not easy to do, especially when there is heavy traffic in which you are riding. When you leave a buffer between vehicles in heavy traffic it’s possible that another vehicle will slip into that open space. When dealing with heavy traffic, it is best for you to shift lane positions as necessary.

If you are riding on city streets that are not heavily congested, you need to create a buffer zone at traffic lights. It can be dangerous to sit closely behind a vehicle stopped at a red light. That’s why it’s best to pull in front of the vehicle so it can protect you. Make eye contact with the driver and give them a thankful wave.

The best way to make a buffer zone when actively in motion is to leave plenty of space between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you. Other vehicles might cut in, which is when it would be time to change lanes. Leaving room helps you come to a complete stop without getting too close to the lead vehicle.

A buffer zone might one day save your life. Be sure you follow the tips outlined in this post so you can put enough safe space between your motorcycle and other vehicles on the roads of Hayward, California.