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3 ways rain causes car accidents in California

The recent onslaught of rain in California is welcome news in terms of the drought. According to The Mercury News, rainfall is responsible for bringing the Golden State out of the years-long dry spell. But while the precipitation is good for the state as a whole, it can wreak havoc on roads and highways. 

Wet weather causes and contributes to auto accidents in multiple ways. Even though a downpour may not seem like a big deal, here are the main ways that it impacts your safety while driving.

1. Decreased visibility

Inclement weather makes it harder for everyone to see. For one, rainfall may result in windows to become foggy, which makes it difficult for drivers to navigate the streets. Secondly, water splashing up can reduce the ability of motorists to see the road or vehicles around them. This poor visibility is a common reason for traffic collisions. A functioning defogger and good windshield wipers are crucial to helping you maintain visibility during rainfall.

2. Reduced traction

Rain causes roads to become slick and slippery for numerous reasons. A new layer of water on roadways reduces tire traction, which can cause drivers to slide. Additionally, rain loosens up oils on the road that can create a greasy driving surface. A heavy amount of rain can also result in hydroplaning.

3. Driving skills and negligence

Another factor you must consider is that not every Californian is great at driving in the rain. Many motorists may not have the skills necessary to react to unexpected situations. Additionally, drivers who are negligent, reckless, distracted or impaired are even more dangerous when rain is added to the situation. While rain may be a contributing factor in accidents like this, it is ultimately the liability of negligent drivers to be safe operators of vehicles. 

If you get into a weather-related accident, make sure you explore the possibilities of getting compensation through insurance or legal processes.