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Man suffers critical injuries after getting hit in a crosswalk

One of the first things people will tell you about safely walking near traffic is that you should always use the crosswalks. Jaywalking puts you in danger. As long as you cross where drivers expect you to be, you are safer.

This is good advice, but it doesn’t prevent all accidents. To illustrate this point, a man in California was recently hit by a car while he was apparently in the crosswalk.

Per reports, the accident happened on Tuesday, April 2. The man was at the intersection where Adeline Street meets Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley. That is close to the Ashby BART station.

The man, who is 55 years old, entered the crosswalk and then got hit by the car right around 10:20 p.m. The driver stopped and stayed at the scene; though police did not name that driver, they did say that he or she is cooperating with their investigation.

Unfortunately, the impact was enough to leave the man with critical injuries. An officer said that he had injuries to his legs, his arms and his head.

Pedestrian accidents often lead to extensive injuries like this, even at low speeds, because pedestrians simply do not have any protection or safety equipment. They often suffer an initial impact with the vehicle and then a secondary impact with the ground, both of which can cause serious injuries.

Those who get hurt may find themselves facing high medical bills, lost wages and many other costs. After an accident, it is crucial that they know how to seek financial compensation from the driver responsible.