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Tips for safe operation of a crane at construction sites

Overhead cranes are an efficient way to move loads in a variety of industries in California, but they present an abundance of safety risks.

Every company should have a plan for the safe use of an overhead crane that includes a daily checklist for proper operation and an extensive training protocol. Here are some safety tips to start.

  1. Before starting a job, make sure the crane is equipped to handle the job ahead. It must have the proper travel, load capacity and lift.
  2. Inspect the crane, both physically and visually, before using it. Check for wear and tear, damage and proper operation.
  3. Make sure all slings and rigging hardware are in good working condition. Don’t use slings that are damaged or defective.
  4. Make sure everyone working with the crane is aware of the signals to be used and that the identity of the designated signaler is clear.
  5. Ensure that there are no obstructions or people in the load lift area. Don’t lift loads over any people.
  6. Check that the safety latch has been closed.
  7. Secure any sling legs not in use.
  8. Reduce load swings by moving the load and controls smoothly.
  9. Raise the load only as high as you must.
  10. Follow proper training for setting down loads.

These are just some safety tips. A construction company’s leadership team needs to work on every aspect of crane safety protocols so that employees stay out of harm’s way.

If you are injured on a worksite because of an unsafe crane or faulty operation, you are well within your rights to seek compensation for your injuries.