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Why you should always document a car crash in photos

When you find yourself involved in a California car crash, chances are that your immediate concerns will involve making sure you and any passengers riding with you are in good shape physically following the wreck. Because emotions can run high in these situations, and particularly if your crash was the result of someone else’s negligence or actions, you may not immediately think to begin documenting the crash site with your camera or phone. However, you would be wise to do so right away if you plan to pursue recourse against the other driver.

Ultimately, the more information and evidence you have to demonstrate your version of events, the better your chances of securing a favorable outcome. While it is important to take notes about the exact time the crash occurred and any other information that could potentially prove relevant in your case, do not miss your opportunity to extensively photograph your crash scene.

Photos not to miss

Because it can be hard to tell which photos of your crash scene could potentially help you, you would be wise to take photos of the entire scene from multiple angles. In addition to photographing your own car and that of the other driver from a variety of distances, you will want to document any damage your vehicle sustained during the incident. If you or any of your passengers suffered injuries in the car wreck, you should also document these through photos. It may, too, serve you well to photograph the license plate of the other vehicle as well as any identifying characteristics that vehicle may have.

Better to be safe than sorry

Because you do not know exactly which photos will ultimately help you, it is better to err on the side of caution and over-document the scene. Keep in mind that you cannot always count on the insurance company to properly document the scene for you, so the more you can do it yourself, the better.