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Tips for drivers as they share the streets with motorcycles

Drivers and motorcyclists do not always see eye-to-eye, but they do need to share the roads in California. It’s important for drivers to understand the differences when driving around bikes instead of other cars and trucks.

After all, motorcyclists face far more danger in a collision. One simple mistake by a careless driver can turn deadly. Below are some tips to help drivers share the roads and traffic lanes safely:

  • When passing, be careful and give motorcycles plenty of space. They may not take up the whole lane, but give them as much space as you would give a car.
  • Always look carefully in the vehicle’s blind spot to see if there’s a bike hidden just out of sight. Never assume it’s clear.
  • Use your turn signals. Make sure that motorcyclists know your intentions. Miscommunication can cause an accident that puts them at risk.
  • Likewise, be very careful at intersections. Make sure the way is really clear before turning or proceeding through. Many accidents happen when drivers cut off motorcyclists accidentally.
  • The biggest danger lies in turning left in front of a motorcycle. If you ever have to turn left, take extra time to double-check that you have space to do so.

These tips can help drivers share the road safely, but accidents will still happen. Motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries that come with great costs: Life-altering physical and mental changes, high medical bills, lost wages or the loss of future earnings, and much more. They need to know what rights they have to financial compensation after such a crash.