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Be thorough when taking accident photos

When you are in a car accident, this is a lot that you must deal with. Between tending to injuries, repairing your car and settling up with insurance, your hands will likely be full for the duration. California is an at-fault state with auto accidents. If the other driver caused the accident, then his or her insurance should foot the bill for any resulting damages. 

One way you could help the process go a bit smoother is by taking an abundance of pictures following the accident. Not only should this help you with the claims process, but it can also ensure that you get all the necessary compensation you need to pay for your medical costs. Make sure you cover all of your bases when photographing the scene.

Personal property damage

Depending on your position in the accident, your own vehicle may suffer the most damage from the collision. When taking pictures, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Photograph all sides
  • Use different angles
  • Zoom in and out

If the accident happens at nighttime, make sure you are using the flash. Otherwise, your photos will be too dark to fully capture the damage. A benefit of most modern cameras is that many of them attach a time and date to each photo you take. This information may be important later on.

Personal injury

If you suffer any sort of injury from the crash, it is a good idea to document it with thorough photographic evidence. By the time the case is under review, you may have somewhat healed, so it helps to have a clear picture of how bad your injuries were at the time of the collision.

Bystander and municipal property damage

Bystander property includes any private property that sustains damage as a result of the accident. Other vehicles, mailboxes and fences are some examples of what would fall into this category.

Municipal property refers to things like street signs, benches or guardrails. Taking pictures of this part of the scene can accurately portray the severity of the accident, which may help your case.

Be proactive when you find yourself in a car accident. Take it upon yourself to take several photos of the scene, and do not be afraid of taking too many. This type of evidence can make your life a lot easier when you seek out compensation for your injuries.