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Understanding how lights increase your bike’s visibility

It’s no secret that one way to increase the visibility of your motorcycle, especially during low-light hours or during the night, is to make extensive use of your lighting options. However, it is important to dig into that a bit to see how and why certain lights work better than others.

For instance, your bike comes with a stock light, but odds are that it really just satisfies the government’s minimum standards. It helps, but it could be better. Bright lights not only give you a wide field of visible when you ride, but they also make you more obvious to oncoming drivers.

Another option is to add marker lights to your bike. These are just small LED lights, the same type that you sometimes see cyclists use. They do not increase your field of vision at all, but they’re not meant to. Instead, they make it more obvious where the bike is to other drivers. You can choose colored lights, like red instead of standard white, and you can get lights that flash to draw even more attention.

These lights are also very versatile. You can use them on any side of your bike, facing any direction. The back of the bike may be the most important, but side lights can help a lot if you’re worried about drivers merging into you or hitting you at an intersection.

At the end of the day, the right lighting can help to make you more visible and keep you safe, but it will not guarantee that you never get into an accident. Be sure you know what legal rights you have to compensation.