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A variety of circumstances can lead to truck accidents

Long-haul truck drivers have a difficult job. They spend hours on the road away from their families. As with all drivers, they can become distracted behind the wheel, which can lead to an accident.

These are some of the top causes of truck accidents.

  1. Unfamiliar roadways: Some truck drivers travel up and down Interstate 5 for their entire career, while many have routes that take them to unfamiliar places. The latter could require inattention from truck drivers who must check their road navigation systems or they could find themselves on roads not built for travel.
  2. Blind spots: Truck drivers must contend with blind spots that drivers of cars don’t have and might not be aware of that.
  3. Speeding: Because of the weight and size of a semitruck, the faster they go, the harder it is to stop. Staying within the speed limit allows drivers more time to stop.
  4. Weather issues: California’s beautiful weather can lead to drivers becoming uncomfortable when rain does fall — and that can include truck drivers. Truck drivers should keep as much distance as possible between themselves and other vehicles on the road and be prepared to react to sudden stops by drivers.
  5. Poor maintenance: Drivers should inspect their trucks regularly, including tires, brakes and fluid levels. By following a good maintenance plan, drivers can help prevent accidents.

No matter what kind of vehicles we operate, all drivers should strive to follow a maintenance plan, obey speed limits, minimize distractions and familiarize themselves with routes before they travel. You can do everything right, but if your fellow drivers don’t, accidents can result. Crashes with tractor-trailers and other large trucks can lead to devastating injuries or deaths. It’s essential for victims and loved ones to know what kind of legal recourse they have.