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Falling workers and objects at construction sites are preventable

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) data shows that there were 7,402 falling protections violations in 2015. There were 50,000 falling objects incidents reported that same year. While construction workers sometimes fell in these reported incidents, it’s equipment and tools that came tumbling down on top of someone else’s head the most. These events could have been avoided.

California workers can reduce their risk of falling by wearing a safety harness. Its line should be tied off at a certain connection point in proximity to where they’re working for it to be most effective though.

Any tools that get loose around a construction site are bound to fall fast to the ground and hurt someone. This is why it’s important that construction companies equip their workers with tool belts to store them in. It’s also important that these are tethered to a more solid structure at the height where their contractors are working in case they drop from their hands.

The tether or tie-off harness that construction workers use should have clear attachment points that allow workers to maneuver around a worksite with little interference.

Any tethers used should be load rated to accommodate whatever weight a contractor is and whatever tools that they may be using. It’s important that all the different equipment that is used for this purpose is made by the same brand. This will reduce the risk of there being some type of incompatibility.

Construction companies should equip their sites with debris nets and toe boards to reduce the distance individuals or objects fall. They should also have policies in place that workers can follow to make sure all tools and equipment are safely stowed away.

All construction sites should have hazard warning signs letting bystanders and visitors know that work is being performed. This may encourage them to use more caution.

Many factors commonly cause injuries at construction sites other than falls or falling objects. They can all result in a worker becoming seriously hurt or to losing their life. If you’ve suffered injuries, then you should consult with a construction workers’ accidents attorney here in Hayward. They can help you determine who’s liable for your injuries, especially since liability isn’t always clear and may involve more than one party.