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Do you really need an attorney after a construction accident?

If you’ve worked construction for any length of time, you’ve probably seen your fair share of on-the-job accidents. When it happens to you, however, you may not be prepared for the physical, mental and financial toll that the injury and the workers’ comp claims process can take on you.

Frankly, being injured and dealing with the paperwork involved, prior authorizations for treatment, follow-ups, doctor visits, physical therapy, claims notifications and deadlines can feel like a full-time job. That kind of pressure can be intense and take energy away from what you really need to be doing: Trying to heal.

So, how can an attorney help?

First, we can discuss your case with you and help you determine all of your options for benefits. There are often a number of “hidden” benefits to workers’ comp that you may not even be aware you can access.

Second, we can help you file and manage your claim so that you don’t risk a technical denial over a missing piece of paperwork or a form that is filled out incorrectly. Having someone else manage the paperwork can take a huge load off your shoulders.

Third, we can make sure that you aren’t bullied by the insurance company. Insurers often try to force their way in and dictate treatment plans. They also sometimes push injured workers to go back to work too soon or accept a fictitious “light-duty” job — anything to get that employee off the workers’ comp rolls.

Finally, if your claim for workers’ compensation is denied, we can file the appeal and walk you through the process without having to get up to speed. We’ll have been there from the start, which can give us an advantage when presenting your case.

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