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What can motorists do to avoid head-on crashes?

Head-on collisions occur when two cars traveling in opposite directions from one another crash into each other. Fortunately, they’re one of the least common types of motor vehicle accidents that occur in California and the rest of the country. However, they often result in serious injuries when they occur. Head-on crashes are completely avoidable though.

These types of crashes occur most frequently in rural areas or along highways and interstates. They often occur in the former along long windy roads. These types of incidents account for 13% of all fatal car crashes that happen in the U.S. Freeway crashes are often caused by motorists entering interstate off-ramps traveling in the wrong direction.

Some of these types of crashes happen because a motorist becomes disoriented or has a medical emergency. Others occur because a motorist falls asleep, drives drunk, speeds or fails to notice road hazards in their path.

If you ever come upon a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction along the roadway, then you should immediately apply your brakes and start steering to the right of the car headed your way. If they’re still headed toward you, then you should move your car into a nearby shoulder or ditch. You should sound your horn and flash your lights as you do this. This will warn them that they’re traveling in the wrong direction.

You can pull out all the stops to avoid a head-on crash, but still become involved in one. This often occurs when motorists are traveling at a high rate of speed or are coming around a curve. Most drivers are only able to avoid the wrong-way motorist if they have ample time to get out of their way.

Injuries that head-on collision victims suffer are often catastrophic. They may be considered lucky if they survive such a crash. Individuals who have been seriously hurt in incidents such as this should consult with an auto-pedestrian accidents attorney who understands insurance settlements. This will give them the best chance of receiving the fairest shake in their Hayward case.