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What type of motorcycle should you learn on?

You know that the key to avoiding motorcycle accidents is to become as proficient of a rider as possible. You can’t control what other drivers do, so there is always some risk, but you can make sure that you don’t commit dangerous errors. You’re looking to get into riding and wondering what type of bike to get.

There are two basic schools of thought here. Some people believe you should get a very small bike — like a 250 — and learn on that before buying the bike you really want. Others think you should just go right for the bike you want so that you don’t need to buy two — and so that you can learn on the one you’ll actually be riding. What should you do?

It’s worth noting that most experts say that you’re best off on a small bike, at least to start. You still have to learn everything: How to keep your balance, how to shift gears, how to brake properly, how to navigate traffic. Doing that at low speeds with a bike that isn’t going to suddenly overpower you allows you to focus on the basics in a relatively controlled setting.

After all, when you feel comfortable and ready, you can always sell that first bike to buy a bigger one. It won’t have many miles on it and, if you bought it used, you might be able to sell for almost the same amount that you paid.

No matter what route you take, though, you do face risks. If another driver causes an accident, make sure you know your legal rights.