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Prompt diagnosis after a crash leads to a helpful medical report

Minor car accidents such as rear-end collisions happen every day in the Bay Area, and the people involved often walk away from them.

However, if you should become a victim of a minor collision, remember that prompt medical attention is a must, not only for your well-being but also for the resulting medical report.

Underlying issues

The impact of a car crash, even if the collision is a minor one, is a shock to the mind and body. Sometimes the results are apparent: sprains, facial injuries or broken bones, for example. Symptoms of underlying issues may not show up right away but may appear hours, days or even weeks later. A prompt medical evaluation is essential to uncover any such injury and to begin early treatment since the condition could worsen over time.

The medical report

The details of the visit to your doctor will go into your medical record, and the physician will write a medical report. This is important because the report will tie any injuries you might have directly to the car crash. Insurance companies follow a certain procedure in evaluating the severity of injuries, part of which is how quickly a claimant seeks medical treatment. They must protect their profits, which means the longer you wait to see a doctor the more difficult it will be to prove that the car crash was the cause of your injuries. Therefore, a timely visit to your physician is essential, and you should give a copy of the medical report to your attorney who, in turn, will use it in compensation negotiations with the insurance company.

Seeking fair compensation

Insurance companies are notorious for making lowball offers to claimants. They realize that there is a certain amount of chaos following a vehicle crash and may seek to take advantage of a victim’s vulnerability. Rely on an advocate who understands how insurance companies determine the worth of an injury and who can go to work on your behalf to negotiate a full and fair settlement.