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Plan for a safer Halloween experience for your kids

It’s almost that time of year again when the ghosts and ghouls walk the streets of Hayward begging for treats. This treasured rite of autumn is something kids look forward to all year.

But Halloween can be a dangerous time for children. If you are a parent of children who plan to trick-or-treat this year, make sure that your children are as safe as possible with the following tips.

Trick-or-treat in groups

Young children should only trick-or-treat with their parents or other responsible adults. But older kids may do fine as long as they are accompanied by other trick-or-treaters. Plan the route with your child and reinforce curfews and boundaries to help them stay on track.

Be safety-conscious with costumes

Whether you plan to buy a store-bought costume or get creative on your own, costumes should be well-fitting and short enough that there is no extra material that could pose a tripping hazard. Make costumes out of reflective fabric or attach strips that glow in the dark to the back, front and sides. Glow stick necklaces and bracelets can enhance visibility as well.

Review the rules of the road

Make sure that your kids know not to dart in between parked cars when crossing the street. Instruct them to walk on the sidewalks whenever possible, walk with the flow of the traffic and cross at crosswalks and corners.

Prepare for all contingencies

Your child could still suffer injuries from an auto-pedestrian collision despite your efforts to keep them safe. As their parent, you will need to seek medical treatment for them and pursue a claim for damages against the errant driver who is liable for their injuries. We can help you get the ball rolling and handle your claim against the insurance company.