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How to protect yourself around a large truck

Getting behind the wheel of your vehicle is the most dangerous thing you will likely do each day of your life. You might not consider the dangers of driving, but you need to be aware of them to protect yourself. It can be very dangerous to drive near large trucks on the roads of California because of their weight, blind spots and other factors.

Do everything possible, in a safe manner, to avoid driving in a truck’s blind spots. They are on either side of the truck and in the rear. They can also be directly in front of the truck. It depends on the size of your vehicle and how closely the truck is following you.

Learn how to merge safely. Give yourself plenty of room when merging onto a highway in front of a truck. If there’s not enough room, merge onto the highway behind the truck and not in front of it. The same goes for changing lanes. Do not cut right in front of a truck when changing lanes. Leave plenty of space.

When sitting at a red light, do not sit on top of the white line or past it. You need to sit a couple feet behind the line so a large truck can make a turn onto that street without hitting your vehicle. Trucks make wide right turns. Give them the space to do so.

Driving near a large truck can lead to a serious accident. You need to be proactive in getting away from these trucks as safely as possible. The injuries you could suffer in an accident with a truck are immense and severe.