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Cellphone usage contributes to auto-pedestrian accidents

You can hardly watch a television show or surf the internet without seeing at least one public service announcement (PSA) regarding cellphones and distracted driving. But despite their good intentions, these PSAs seem to be missing their targets.

As of last year, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), there was an uptick in fatalities linked to cellphone distractions. In 2018, there were 2,841 deaths in distraction-affected collisions.

Well, as it turns out, cellphone distractions are not just a problem for drivers behind the wheel. According to estimates by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), over 6,000 pedestrians were struck and killed in 2018. This is the highest total of pedestrian deaths in over two decades.

Pedestrians who are engrossed with their cellphones are also suffering injuries related to their distractions. In fact, it is entirely possible for a collision to occur between a texting driver and a pedestrian who is walking while tweeting. Of course, the likely outcome for the motorist inside their vehicle is typically much rosier than the fate of the hapless pedestrian.

Drivers must do their best to avoid any distractions behind the wheel. But some are inevitable, e.g., crying or bickering kids in the back seat. But it’s equally important for pedestrians to focus on walking from point A to point B without interacting with their cellphones. While chatting with a friend as you walk may be safer than reading Facebook statuses, it is still a distraction that could potentially place you in harm’s way.

Should you get struck by a car while walking, your injuries could be extensive and your recovery grueling. Seeking civil damages may be the only way to recoup your losses.