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Certain clothing can keep motorcyclists safer out on the road

The onus for keeping motorcyclists safe out on the road doesn’t just fall on motorbike manufacturers’ shoulders. The responsibility for doing so rests in the hands of companies that design and produce clothing and safety gear for motorcyclists as well. There have been some innovative items introduced in this product space this year that are sure to enhance biker safety moving forward.

One new product that has been released on the market in recent years are connected gloves. A Bluetooth-connected pair was released on the market in recent months. They have a global positioning system (GPS) functionality. They even allow a biker to operate their smartphone with a simple touch of a button.

Another new clothing item that has made it on the market in recent years are airbag jackets and vests. These were successful in saving over 2,700 individuals’ lives in 2016. This clothing item is equipped with sensors that can detect when a motorcyclist suffers some type of impact. These jackets and vests operate by inflating the moment that such an event occurs. This clothing item has been shown to protect a biker’s vital organs and chest.

Boots that motorcyclists have also became safer in recent years. Bikers have historically been unable to rely on their boots to hold up when they most needed to be able to count on them to do so. Many motorcycle shoewear companies have improved how they construct their boots. Many of these are now manufactured using what’s called flexible impact technology. It works by absorbing any impact, protecting a biker’s foot.

The safety of helmets has also been improved over these past few years. Many newer models now feature built-in cameras and GPS systems. These help motorcyclists see objects that would typically be found in their blind spots. It also allows them to see cars approaching from behind.

Individuals who are injured in motorcycle accidents rarely suffer only minor injuries. They’re usually hurt in a much more serious or catastrophic way. The medical costs associated with such injuries can be quite high, especially if surgery or rehabilitative expenses are involved. Consider all the costs then consult with an attorney here in California.

Your Hayward lawyer will tell you that your motorcycle accident claim may be worth more than you think.