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The risk of tanker trucks turning corners

When a tanker truck takes a corner too quickly, everyone around them on the road is in danger.

The issue is that tanker trucks have a cylindrical tank on the back, and it usually carries something that is not entirely stable and can move with the motion of the truck. It could be everything from food-grade materials to gasoline to oil to hazardous materials.

In any case, when chemicals and other liquids go around the corner, if the tank is not 100% full, they can ride up the curving inner wall of that tank. On straight roads and level ground, the truck has the proper center of gravity. In the turn, that material shifts and rises, moving that center of gravity to the outside edge and to a higher point on the truck.

The danger is that the sudden shift can cause the truck to tip, roll or lose control. If it does so, it can collide with other traffic, spill hazardous materials or even catch on fire.

Now, modern trucks do have safety systems in place to make this less common. They include things like electronic stability control technology or roll-stability systems. Some trucks also have tanks with a specific shape designed to keep the center of gravity from moving as dramatically.

That said, no safety system in the world can entirely prevent an accident when the truck is being driven by a negligent or reckless driver. They may be rushing to get the delivery there on time and cause a serious crash. When that happens, those who suffer injuries need to know what rights they have to compensation.