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What can motorcyclists wear to keep them safe in a crash?

Many motorcyclists enjoy the freeing feeling that comes with riding their motorcycles on the open road. This is why bikers avoid wearing protective gear that could protect them from getting seriously hurt in a crash. That’s a mistake on their part though. This is especially the case since there are primary pieces of gear that motorcyclists can wear that may keep them safe and save their lives.

A helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you, as a motorcyclist, can wear. It can keep your brain and face protected if you become involved in a crash. It doesn’t make a difference if there is a law on the books that makes it mandatory for you to wear a helmet. You’re preserving your future by putting one on.

Another piece of protective gear that you shouldn’t leave home without is a motorcycle jacket. You should wear it no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. You may suffer road rash if you fall or are knocked off your bike in a crash. This involves much more than a superficial scraping of the top layer of your skin. It can permeate deeper and damage muscles, bone and nerves. Wearing a motorcycle jacket can prevent this from happening.

Motorcycle pants are key to protecting your legs from road rash and other serious injuries. Many bikers seem to think that they’re safe wearing jeans, but they’re not. Denim is made from cotton. It will easily shred in a crash. Jeans aren’t safe unless they have reinforced Kevlar panels sewn into them.

Leather gloves are another important piece of equipment that all motorcyclists should wear. They can protect your skin and bones from being broken and keep you from losing your fingers.

Ankle motorcycle boots keep everything streamlined and protected so that you don’t lose your feet. Tennis shoes just don’t cut it.

Most of this equipment won’t keep you completely safe if you’re struck by a large tractor-trailer or by a motorist traveling at a high rate of speed. It can minimize the severity of your injuries though.

Motorcyclists often search for ways to operate their bikes more safely after they’ve been seriously hurt in a crash. An attorney can help you hold a negligent California motorist accountable for their actions if you’ve been seriously injured in a collision here in Hayward.