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When are construction accidents most apt to occur?

Data published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shows that at least 20% of all fatalities that occur on the job happen at construction sites. This makes this field one of the more dangerous ones for someone to work in. There are some trends as to where and when these accidents are most apt to occur.

Did your spouse suffer a mild brain injury in a car accident?

Mild brain injuries are common in car accidents, and many of them occur without a victim realizing it. The confusion of an accident can easily cover up a blow to the head, and if the victim doesn't feel any pain, they may not remember hitting their head at all. Unfortunately, even a relatively minor blow to the head can cause a mild brain injury, which may not present symptoms for days or weeks.

Drivers don't bother to look for runners

When a driver pulls up to an intersection to make a right turn, they tend to stare to the left. They're just waiting for traffic to clear or the light to turn green. When it does, assuming there's no one ahead of them, they turn right without actually looking in the direction that they're turning.

Get to the hospital quickly if you've been involved in a crash

You were traveling to see a movie, and you and your friends were having a nice time chatting in the car. The next thing you knew, you were all being whipped around in your vehicle after a side impact. Your vehicle was set spinning, and you ended up on the side of the road with your airbags blown and everyone a little worse for wear.

Do you know how to protect yourself after a car accident?

A car accident is a confusing, often frightening experience, even when the victims don't appear to have any serious injuries. In the moments after an accident, many victims do not know what steps to take to keep themselves safe and protect their rights. If you experience a car accident, make sure to take action to keep yourself secure and avoid unnecessary medical and legal complications later on.

Alcohol factors into nearly half of pedestrian deaths

Pedestrian accidents carry a high probability of death. Pedestrians face incredible risks when hit at any speed. Even low speeds can be fatal and high speeds are deadly much of the time. To prevent these tragic deaths, it's important to know why the accidents happen and how to avoid them because there is little that a pedestrian can do to reduce injury during a crash. They have to prevent the crash from happening.

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