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Long-term effects of a spinal cord injury

You may have been the victim of a negligent driver’s actions and injured your spine in a car wreck. Or perhaps unsafe working conditions at a construction site led to an accident and now you have back pains that require more than an occasional chiropractic appointment. Whatever the cause, injuries to the spine may bring complications into your life that go beyond accrued medical bills and insurance claims.

Long-term health complications related to spinal cord injuries (SCI) may include the following:

  • Respiratory problems: Among many potential issues, you may have difficulty breathing as an SCI can impair the muscles in your respiratory system.
  • Cardiovascular issues: Another alarming complication type that may arise from an SCI relates to your blood vessels and heart functionality. For example, conditions like orthostatic hypotension may develop and seriously impact your blood pressure.
  • Bodily dysfunction: Due to its impact on the central nervous system, an SCI can also cause urinary and bowel dysfunction.
  • Pressure ulcers: It is not uncommon for pressure ulcers to develop in individuals with chronic SCI issues. If your injury has caused significant immobility, you may be more likely to develop a pressure ulcer.

Additionally, injuries to the spine may create a lack of feeling as well as the loss of some motor functions. They may even lead to paralyses such as quadriplegia or paraplegia. Other symptoms include loss of movement, chaotic reflexes and intense pains.

Finally, because of the various effects of a spinal cord injury has on a person’s life, psychological conditions may also ensue following an accident. Be sure you are taking measures to protect your mental health.