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How do hard hats save lives?

Hard hats are a common protective measure used on construction sites. They are a normal part of the work uniform for occupations that have the risk of falling objects or potential for overhead hazards.

Hard hats protect against an array of hazards, such as falling objects, burns, flying objects, impacts and electrical shocks. There are different types of hard hats that offer varying degrees of protection.

Basic protection

The main way a hard hat saves lives is that it can protect you from dangers you do not see. For example, if you are walking around a worksite and something falls from above you, it is unlikely you would be aware. Unless a coworker saw what was happening, you would not even have an auditory warning.

The hard hat will prevent the object from directly hitting your head. Thanks to the design of the hat, it will cushion the impact and probably save you from injury. Arguably, hard hats are the most important type of personal protective gear for your head.

Other protection

Hard hats do not just cushion objects or provide cover from falling objects. Depending on the design, they can also protect you if you come in contact with live wires. For example, if you are crawling through a tight space with hanging electrical wires and one touches your hard hat, it will stop the flow of electricity so you do not experience an electric shock.

It also can keep you safe by making you more visible. Most hard hats are white or other bright colors because they make you stand out. This characteristic is especially helpful for road construction workers who face risks if they are not visible to passing motorists.