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Car wrecks occur in 45% of California’s work zones

California has some of the busiest and most crowded roadways in the nation, and with busy roads and growing communities comes a need for increased road construction. For these reasons, you may encounter work zones frequently when you travel the state by car. You would be wise to exercise care and patience when navigating them, though, because car wrecks occur in almost half of California’s work zones. 

According to Be Work Zone Alert, car crashes take place in 45% of California’s construction zones. These areas present numerous hazards that you and other motorists must navigate. The confusion or negligence of other drivers may make them even more hazardous. 

How various hazards contribute to work zone crashes

Construction zones often mean unclear or unfamiliar traffic patterns. Some drivers have a hard time adapting to these sudden changes. Unclear detours, large machinery or construction vehicles, lose dirt and torn-up pavement may also create heightened crash risks. 

How negligence contributes to work zone crashes

Drivers who exercise negligence when navigating work zones also increase threat levels. Speed is a common factor in many California work zone crashes. Rear-end crashes are also common in these areas, and many of them result from drivers who are traveling too fast to stop suddenly when the need arises. A driver who is traveling at 55 mph in a work zone, for example, needs eight seconds to stop his or her vehicle and prevent it from rear-ending you. 

How you should approach a work zone

When approaching a work zone, slow down, avoid distractions and pay close attention to the vehicles in front of and in back of you. Leave more space between you and the car in front of you than you would otherwise, and exercise patience when encountering crews working in the road.