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Will legislative measures help California renters and landlords?

For renters looking to keep a roof over their heads and landlords trying to prevent foreclosure, the last day of January 2021 looms large. Legislation that served as a stopgap measure is running out of time. The clock is ticking with fears of homelessness in addition to a continuing pandemic.

Proposals currently being considered in the California legislature would provide residents more time to explore options past January 31st, specifically through the end of March. It would also offer them opportunities for additional housing in “big-box” developments that are being minimally used, if at all.

The two bills include:

  • The Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord-Tenant Relief Act of 2021 – Formally known as SB 3, it would extend the tenant eviction deadline through March 31st of next year.
  • The Neighborhood Homes Act – Introduced earlier in pre-pandemic 2020, the bill’s passage would put tenants on a “fast-track” for what is called “walkable new housing communities.” Long-vacant big box stores that shuttered operations would be converted into condominiums or apartments. While benefitting prospective tenants, environmental advantages exist in the minimizing of greenhouse gases.

Even though many property owners and their tenants are experiencing similar fears, many are not united in the cause to protect their property. Some landlords continue their intimidation tactics while others are trying their best to stay the course while looking for help as foreclosures loom.

If passed, those bills will address the myriad property-driven problems plaguing California. Other states are likely feeling the same pain and will take similar action as well.