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The future of safety features in self-driving cars – Part 2

A previous blog discussed the vast array of technology advancements for autonomous vehicles, a growing segment of the automobile market. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in expanding safety features beyond collision detection and automatic braking. The list continues to grow in an effort to keep all drivers and passengers traveling via these transports safe.

Augmented reality (AR) windshields

Heads-up displays are standard in most computer gaming and could be a prominent feature in the future. Road visibility is not as vital in autonomous vehicles, allowing the windshield to double as a screen that provides vital information. Drivers and passengers can quickly check their estimated time of arrival fuel usage and inside temperature. Problems with the car can be easily shown as well.

Biometric vehicle access

Inserting a key into a car door or ignition is no longer the rule but more the exception. FOBs have taken over the responsibility of opening and closing doors and trunks remotely. However, the small devices can be easily lost and could be used to steal contents from the car or the vehicle altogether. Biometrics, prominent in Apple devices, can scan faces and fingerprints. That technology can be incorporated and provide another layer of security.

Dynamic real-time traffic alerts and maps

A self-driving car in operation possesses the capacity to conduct a thorough analysis of data and incorporate those findings to help with effective driving choices while increasing safety for all occupants. Independent systems can as easily provide proactive, real-time traffic information and maps to desired destinations.

Driving a vehicle requires a wide range of decisions where operators must think on their feet while traveling on four wheels. Technology can play a sound supporting role in ensuring that vehicles and those traveling in them get to their destinations safely.