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Gender’s role in car crashes

Drivers who are more prone to injuries in motor vehicle accidents are usually distinguished by age and other demographic categories. A recent study reveals that another factor may cause a particular group of people will be seriously hurt or killed in the aftermath of a wreck.

Your gender may determine your chances of serious injury or death

While more men are injured and killed in motor vehicle accidents, the likelihood of women suffering more severe injuries and death is greater in crashes of the same severity. According to researchers who analyzed police reports of front and side crashes from 1998 to 2015, females were two times more likely to suffer severe injuries than men.

Why are women in more danger?

Set aside the battle between the sexes when it comes to driving.  The study showed that the type of car you drive might be the biggest reason for the difference. It is no surprise that the findings found men, in general, engage in risky and aggressive driving behavior and drive more miles than female drivers. They are also more likely to drive a more sturdy vehicle that can withstand crashes. Regardless of “techniques” or outright fault, men often emerge from their vehicles with minimal, if any, injuries following the accident.

The choices women make about the types of cars they drive make a difference. As you would expect, smaller vehicles provide less protection. The numbers of increased fatalities and serious injuries for women drivers revealed in the study were quite significant. While you could argue that cars should be manufactured better and stronger, regardless of the size, it just doesn’t work out like that.

If you are buying a new or used car, truck or SUV anytime soon, bigger may not only be better but can potentially be safer, particularly when it comes to navigating busy roads throughout the state.