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The clock is ticking on eviction moratoriums

As each day goes by, California renters are becoming more anxious about the respective roofs over their heads. The clock continues to tick to the last day of June, which also represents the last day of the state’s eviction moratorium. Coronavirus-related regulations that protected renters from being removed from their homes are approaching a dreadful deadline.

While many expect another extension, the ongoing uncertainty and outright lack of a long-term solution create anxiety for occupants, many of whom live in low-income households. Not only do they owe money well into the thousands of dollars, but they also face a possible mandatory payment for July.

Confusion over complex systems

The moratorium, while welcome, is actually a confusing and complicated system of rules governing applications for assistance. County regulations are unlike city regulations. Some protections will continue based on the area that renters live in, regardless of state action. However, few know which areas will continue moratoriums and which areas won’t.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors recently approved a ban on evictions for nonpayment of rent. However, that only extends a few months to September. To make matters more confusing, the city of Los Angeles is doing nothing towards any type of renewal, let alone any strategies for how people will pay the first month’s rent, let alone the backlog of payments that grew over the course of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, billions of dollars in federal rental assistance are awaiting distribution to low-income tenants. At best, the process is considered slow, creating even more frustration of much-needed financial relief that is seemingly out of reach to those who need it.

Uncertainty continues for California renters who do not just need financial help. They also need answers to end their uncertainty.