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An increase in motorcycle accident fatalities

For many enthusiasts of two-wheel transports, motorcycles are a true passion that represents a sense of freedom on the wide-open road.

However, the dangers lurking on streets and freeways are ever-present.

Lacking the stability and visibility that cars and trucks enjoy puts motorcyclists at continuous risk. Without the protection of an enclosed steel structure, collisions are more likely to result in serious injuries and deaths. As recently as 2018, the federal government estimated that per mile traveled that year, riders on motorcyclists lost their lives at a rate of 27 times of those in cars.

Alarming trends as deaths increase

The most recent data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reveals that more than 5,000 motorcyclists lost their lives in crashes in 2019. That number represents a continuing and troubling increase in fatalities. Of all the motor vehicle accidents that ended in deaths, motorcycles accounted for 14 percent, doubling the number from 1997.

More than 5,000 motorcyclists died in crashes in 2019. Fatalities were in decline for nearly 40 years before increasing from 1998 to 2008. Deaths accounted for 14 percent of all accidents in 2019, doubling the 1997 numbers.

The best way a motorcyclist can minimize injury is to ride with a helmet. It provides them protection and is 37 percent more effective in preventing fatalities. Yet, California is one of a minority of 18 states and the District of Columbia that mandate helmets.

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Getting to the facts of what caused the crash requires the help of a skilled attorney with specific experience and knowledge of these dangerous and deadly collisions.