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Rising rent in California

Countless California renters continue to live in a state of uncertainty. Federal and state relief programs are either expiring or have already ended. For some, counties are keeping their eviction moratoriums in place, but likely not for long. All of this is occurring as the holiday season approaches, stoking even more fear.

Efforts to extend relief nationwide were stopped by the Supreme Court. The timing could not be worse.

Significant increases stoke fear

Another issue is coming to light. According to a report from the Apartment Guide, rent has increased by twenty percent nationwide from September 2020 to September 2021. It may only be the beginning of the rising costs that tenants face. Specific statistics include:

  • One-bedroom apartments are up 19.8 percent
  • Two-bedroom apartments are increasing to 28.9 percent

Long Beach placed third, with rent increasing to more than 66 percent. Year-over-year increases include three California communities in the top five.

  • Santa Ana – 60 percent
  • Huntington Beach – 58.5 percent
  • Fresno – 46. 5 percent

Renters still have the option of federal emergency rental assistance. However, the time span between application and acceptance remains lengthy at best as funds are slow to come to states and cities.

Options exist, including moving to different areas where rent is more stable if not less costly. Alternatively, negotiating with landlords may be effective. A previously reliable tenant paying a smaller amount of rent is easier and more cost-effective than a property owner going through the process of finding new tenants that may not be as dependable.

However, landlords upping the price tag to generate more revenue in a time of economic uncertainty could take precedent over more commonsense approaches.