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Many complications surface after a severe burn injury

As a burn victim, you know that you have many medical challenges ahead of you. The pain, the ongoing treatment and the lengthy rehabilitation will continue for some time. It is not fair.

These were avoidable injuries if the other car driver had not been so reckless. The crash swiftly and abruptly changed your life. Yes, you survived. But now you will have permanent physical and emotional scars from second- and third-degree burns over much of your body. The pain and suffering along with complications will bring further challenges.

Respiratory damage and infections

Physicians and surgeons will try their best to treat your life-changing injuries, likely resorting to skin grafts as well as plastic surgery. Expect such treatment to be costly, but lifesaving. Some of the many medical complications from severe burn injuries may include:

  • Long-term damage to the respiratory system: Your lungs may have sustained serious damage due to smoke inhalation. The damage may be severe enough that you may need to rely on an oxygen tank for the remainder of your life.
  • Shock: A serious burn injury may lead to life-threatening shock from an insufficient supply of oxygen to your body. With limited blood circulation, too, the possibility of organ damage exists, affecting the heart, kidneys, liver and lungs.
  • Eye damage: If the cornea sustains burns, a victim may experience blindness, permanent damage, blurred visions, scarring and infections.
  • Infections and sepsis: Bacteria can prove to be one of the deadliest problems to surface, leading to infection. Sepsis may surface as the body tries to overcome infection, potentially causing organ and tissue damage.

The pain and suffering you sustained may continue for some time after a fiery car crash. Focus on recovery, listen to treating physicians and seek a legal advocate to help you understand your options.

Face these challenges

Expect ongoing challenges when recovering from a serious burn injury. Granted, it will be difficult to accept what happened. But you are alive. Face these challenges as best you can and try to overcome them.