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The life-changing effects of a traumatic brain injury

Injuries that result from a motor vehicle accident are wide-ranging. Victims can suffer everything from back injuries to burns to fractures and broken bones. More severe and life-changing outcomes include traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

What is not as well known in the struggles TBI victims face is the strong possibility of hearing loss and other injuries to the ear that include:

  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • Sensitivity to noises/intolerance to loud noises/reduced tolerance involving specific sounds
  • Ears feeling like they cannot pop (aural fullness)
  • Auditory processing problems/struggling to understand speech
  • Balance problems, including dizziness, vertigo, balance issues/general unsteadiness, spinning sensation, and motion sickness
  • Tinnitus caused by a concussion or injury to the brain (unfortunately, tinnitus can also result from side effects of TBI medication both prescribed and over-the-counter)

A TBI can result in hearing problems

While protecting you from more serious injuries, the deployment of an airbag in a collision can result in ears ringing, dizziness, and impaired hearing. The damage is more common for people who are 75 and older who have more hospitalizations due to TBI than any other age demographic.

While some victims suffer immediate effects on their hearing, the mildest of disorders do not show up for a significant amount of time. Initial signs include “phantom sounds” from hissing to buzzing. The diagnosis of a TBI alone requires the care of a doctor specializing in this area, even if no damage was done to hearing. Sadly, some doctors overlook or misdiagnose what turns out to be a severe injury to the inner ear.

For those who suffer hearing-related injuries, cutting-edge hearing aids combined with cognitive-behavioral and tinnitus sound therapies can make life easier for accident victims who sustained a TBI.

Permanent injuries of any form caused by a negligent driver often necessitate legal counsel to hold parties accountable with the help of a personal injury attorney.