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Cutting-edge cooling could help TBI victims

Whether you are playing your favorite sport, taking a leisurely drive in your vehicle, or walking upstairs in your house, a collision or fall can result in a severe blow to the head. At the very least, you get up dizzy and disoriented. At the very worst, you suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Studies show that 2. 5 million people suffer TBIs every year, leaving 80,000 with permanent disabilities and 50,000 tragically losing their lives. These injuries can have negative short and long-term effects. Some victims report issues with concentration, memory problems, and even mood swings. More serious TBIs result in significant brain damage, with many victims succumbing to injuries.

A potentially promising TBI treatment

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers are exploring new TBI treatments, specifically methods that may stem the damage that can be done after suffering a blow to the head. The process goes beyond ice packs and involves actually cooling the cells of the brain in a controlled way to decrease the cellular processing occurring post-injury.

Initial findings reveal that anywhere from a few degrees to 33 Celsius within the first four hours following the injury is highly beneficial. The best outcomes involved cooling for six hours, with one study revealing the benefits of 30-minute treatments.

If successful, brain injury treatments could come in the form of a device akin to a small inhaler that houses a coolant.

Suffering a traumatic brain injury is a life-changing event for victims and their loved ones. When negligence plays a role, the help of a personal injury attorney with experience in this complex area of the law can hold irresponsible parties accountable.