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Delayed injury symptoms and their potentially alarming results

A headache that will not go away, a lingering discomfort in abdominal area or a twinge in your back that worsens are signs of a delayed injury symptom after a motor vehicle crash or fall. These injuries initially may conceal themselves, only to spring up and lead to a more serious and, potentially, fatal situation.

Please do not ignore even what appears to be the slightest injury after such an incident. Such situations exemplify the importance of seeking prompt medical attention.

Headaches and abdominal pain

Among the most common delayed injury symptoms include:

  • Headaches: Such an ailment may be the sign of a traumatic brain injury or a concussion. A traumatic brain injury may have lingering effects, potentially leading to bleeding on the brain, memory loss, depression, loss of vision, seizures and changes in personality. Rest, medication and surgery may help.
  • Back pain: Such an injury often occurs after another driver strikes your car from behind. Lower back discomfort may initially surface, but the pain may worsen. Your vertebrae and discs may have suffered trauma, resulting in ongoing treatment and even surgery.
  • Abdominal pain: This along with bruising on the torso may be signs of internal bleeding, which, if not promptly treated, can prove fatal. Damage to the spleen, liver, heart and lungs are possible. A person could go to sleep and then never wake up.
  • Numbness and tingling sensations: These symptoms may surface in the arms and legs. Nerve damage is the likely diagnosis. The symptoms also are a potential sign of whiplash.
  • Sudden and subtle changes in behavior: With a concussion, a person may experience a personality change. A gentle soul may transform into a difficult and prickly person, spouting off unpleasant words.

The line between a slight injury and major injury can be subtle. And that line may take a quick turn leading to a catastrophic situation for you and your family.

Do not ignore the discomfort

Please understand that you may have a serious injury without initially realizing it. Do not ignore discomfort that was not present prior to the crash, collision or fall. It may gradually worsen, so look out for your health and yourself. Get medical treatment.