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Street racing makes a comeback

To say the world changed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic would be an understatement. Traditional norms were upended with countless mandates that included masks, social distancing, and other foreign practices to U.S. citizens.

Another unlikely sight, particularly in California, was fewer cars on the road due to workers staying home to ply their respective trades. Nationwide, traffic levels were lower. However, with no traffic jams or crowded streets, many drivers used the wide-open highways and freeways excessively.

Other motor vehicle operators took a different route, bringing back prominence to a bygone activity not seen in decades: street racing.

A dangerous trend

Why has street racing returned? The trend was already gaining momentum, with movie franchises embracing, if not endorsing, the dangerous and potentially deadly activity. During the pandemic, car aficionados had more time to customize their vehicles. Then there was their desire for speed, camaraderie and socialization.

Illegal drag races began trending on social media with viral videos documenting stunts, much to the dismay of law enforcement officials. Blocking of roads and interstates tied up traffic. Those most affected by street racing’s return included residents annoyed by the roars of countless cars speeding down city streets and industrial neighborhood roads.

The most tragic outcome has been the severe injuries and loss of life to racers and innocent bystanders due to this reckless and dangerous activity.

While street racing can lead to severe criminal consequences, arrests and convictions do little for loved ones mourning the tragic death of a loved one involved in this preventable form of accident. Whether driving down the road legally or illegally, negligence that takes a life requires immediate legal representation to hold the responsible parties accountable for turning roads into raceways.