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Protection for rideshare passengers injured in accidents

Several states are addressing a longtime problem associated with rideshare companies. While these businesses remain a relatively new phenomenon, specific laws are not in place to protect the citizenry of certain states.

Currently, if an accident occurs in a rideshare where the responsible party is uninsured or leaves the scene of the collision, the passenger who also does not have coverage must cover medical costs if they suffer injuries in the crash.

Rideshare laws in California and other states

California and nine other states have laws on the books that mandate $1 million or more in uninsured motorist insurance for Uber and Lyft riders. Other legislatures are looking to address the gap that exists in their respective liability insurance law. Their goal is to increase or relax rules for riders who travel via rideshare. Many are setting the same million-dollar requirement that California has for passengers who do not have auto insurance coverage

Rideshare companies and other opponents of the insurance requirements claim that accidents are rare. In addition, adding uninsured motorist costs would increase the price of an average ride. The impact could affect low-income areas, a popular demographic for rideshare companies.

Supporters counter with the argument that frequent users take the rideshare option due to not owning a car and subsequently not having insurance. They claim that the additional costs would be worth it for what they consider a safer way to travel.

Whether you are operating your own car or traveling via rideshare, accidents can happen in a split second. The complexity of these cases requires an attorney who possesses an ever-growing knowledge, specifically current and new ways that people travel. While laws protect passengers, a skilled personal injury attorney can help even the odds and maximize the compensation these victims deserve.