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TBI can involve ringing ears

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) involve a wide range of symptoms. Many victims speak of persistent headaches, loss of consciousness, vomiting, seizures, dilated pupils, and other symptoms. These physical injuries can be catastrophic and visible to others who can diagnose and help the injured. However, ringing ears after a car crash or another injury event is also a symptom of TBI.

This ringing in the ears is typically not a severe health concern, but it can still impact the victim’s quality of life. For example, it can be hard to sleep, relax, work, or concentrate if someone has a constant ringing in their ears.

Diagnosing the issue

Events like a car crash or slip, trip and fall can cause a ringing, officially referred to as tinnitus, due to damage to any part of the ear. Those suffering from this condition should seek medical attention, either in the immediate aftermath of the event or if the ringing does not subside or increases over time. The doctor may refer the injured to an audiologist, who can diagnose the damage and recommend a treatment strategy.

Solutions are elusive

Some claim to be able to cure tinnitus, but it is often more a matter of managing the issue through treatment and therapy rather than fixing it. Injury victims living with long-term tinnitus may want to discuss their injury and how it impacts their life with a personal injury attorney. These legal professionals may be able to secure compensation for time away from work, treatment as well as the pain and suffering this injury causes.