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These simple measures to make construction sites safer

When driving around the Bay Area, it is hard to miss all the building construction signs. Considering the volume of work done here and the estimated $118 billion spent annually in California, it should be no surprise that construction is the second most dangerous industry in the state.

Many technological advancements make job sites safer now, including technologically advanced equipment designed to keep operators safer. New high-tech equipment is expensive, especially for smaller businesses that operate with less capital; nevertheless, many safety measures are law, and some are just common sense. Here are some reminders of straightforward ways for employers to keep workers safer:

  1. Properly maintain the equipment: Equipment breaks, but proper equipment maintenance can identify damaged parts and ensure proper operation, reducing the likelihood of gear breaking down.
  2. Schedule regular safety meetings: Regular meetings ensure that new and experienced workers know important safety measures. Team leaders can keep crews up to date on changes and get feedback from workers.
  3. Take breaks: Regular breaks keep crews fresh. While there may be situations where there are deadlines or elements of the work that take substantial parts of the workday, managers and crew leaders should still insert breaks into the workday.
  4. Use signage: Workers may know the dangerous parts of their work, but sites have people with different skill sets. Putting up a sign or placing safety cones is simple and helps avoid injuries.
  5. Conduct regular inspections: Not an inconvenience that slows work, daily inspections can identify issues or dangers and address them before they cause injuries that bring work to a halt or slow production.
  6. Use proper storage: Some building materials on a site are hazardous. Supplies should be secured to minimize the danger to workers and follow all proper safety measures.

The injured can get the support they need

Worker’s compensation covers most injuries on a worksite, but a personal injury claim may be a better option. It may involve filing a claim against the employer for negligence or a manufacturer whose equipment or supplies did not function as intended. Injury victims and their families can often get helpful answers about the best option by speaking with an attorney who handles construction injury claims.