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Examples of important and overlooked photos at accident scenes

Most people understand the importance of taking photos after a car crash, especially collisions that lead to serious injuries for a driver and his or her passengers. The usual areas include vehicle damage, the accident scene, information on the other driver, and victims and their injuries.

These represent some of the most important images to document. However, there also are a few other areas that may get overlooked but can be just as important in supporting your case against a negligent driver.

The roadway, surrounding homes and traffic lights

Here are some of the additional photos that should be taken at an accident scene:

  • The surrounding area: Make sure to get photos of the roadway and the damage to fences, roadway signs, trees, buildings and homes. Include images of the intersection, street signs and nearby businesses, homes and apartment complexes. With the prevalence of security cameras, it is a good possibility that business owners and homeowners have in place these devices, which may have recorded the collision. The footage may support your case.
  • Skid marks: Your roadway photos should include vehicle skid marks. This may provide evidence showing that the other driver drove too fast for conditions, made an abrupt stop or was speeding.
  • Traffic lights and road signs in the accident vicinity: These images may show that the driver drove through a stop sign or yield sign as well as a traffic light. And like certain businesses and homes, some traffic lights may have cameras, providing clear footage of how the crash happened.
  • Witnesses: As long as they agree to let you take their photo, please do so. Of course, make sure to exchange information and get their name and phone number.
  • The weather conditions: Wet roads caused by rain may make surfaces difficult to drive on. Strong wind gusts also may contribute to a car collision.

There is never too much information to gather related to a car accident. Always take that extra step.

Protecting yourself

The actions of a reckless, distracted or negligent driver led to your serious injuries, mounting medicals and loss of income. Taking photos of many things at the accident scene means gathering evidence. By being thorough, you are protecting yourself.